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Jingchun Garden

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pku.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 19, 2021

Located at the north shore of Weiming Lake, Jingchun Garden is bordered by Langrun Garden in the north, Weiming Lake in the south, east wall of Peking University campus in the east, and Minghe Garden in the west.

Historical facts reveal that Jingchun Garden as well as Minghe Garden belongs to Chunxi Garden - one of the imperial gardens attached to the Old Summer Palace. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1736~1796), Chunxi Garden was given to Heshen, a favored courtier of the Emperor, thus it became a part of another garden, Shuchun Garden.

In the seventh year of Emperor Jiaqing’s reign (1802), Shuchun Garden was divided into two halves. The smaller piece of the eastern half, named “Jingchun Garden”, was given to Emperor Jiaqing’s forth daughter, Princess Zhuangjing.

The larger half of the western garden, named “Minghe Garden”, was given to Emperor Jiaqing’s fifth son, Prince Mianyu. The main building area of Jingchun Garden is surrounded by watercourses, which are slightly round, much like a mirror so it was named Jingchun Garden (Mirror Spring Garden).