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Notice on Online Dormitory Booking for International Students for Fall Semester 2021

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pku.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 20, 2021

Dear international students,

Greetings from Peking University!

Online booking for housing accommodations at Global Village (GV) is now available to international students.

I. Basic information

Who is eligible: International students studying at Peking University who have no accommodation arrangements. If you are not sure whether there are accommodation arrangements for you, you can contact us by email for confirmation.

2. Apartment location: Global Village is outside of the East Gate of Peking University. Please refer to the website (https://pkugv.pku.edu.cn/) for more detailed information.

3. Accommodation booking website: www.studyatpku.com (please follow the reservation process to book your room). Given that available rooms are limited, room booking will be conducted on a rolling basis, and a deposit is required.

4. Booking period (Beijing time):

(1) Currently enrolled students: from 9:00 a.m., August 18, 2021 (Wednesday), until available spaces are full.

(2) New students: from 9:00 a.m., August 23, 2021 (Monday), until available spaces are full.

II. Booking process

1. Check the information on room type, room price and the number of rooms available.

2. Based on your personal preference and the provided room information, select a room type and submit your reservation application(along with your personal information) within the opening hours of the reservation system.

3. Wait for the staff to process your application. When“Status: confirmed”is displayed in the system, please pay the required advance deposit within 3 working days to complete the reservation process. Booking applications for which the required deposit is not paid in time will automatically be cancelled.

4. Reservation fees are not refundable after the reservation and payment have been successfully processed. Those who cannot check-in due to the epidemic or those with other objective reasons must explain their situation in writing to Zhongguanyuan Global Village in advance and provide supporting materials.

III. Conditions for entering Zhongguanyuan Global Village

According to the overall epidemic prevention and control requirements of Peking University as well as the current situation of the Global Village, admission to the GV on the day of moving-in will only be allowed for the resident students themselves, and the students must meet the following conditions:

1. You must be in good health and have not been to epidemic risk areas.

You must complete health monitoring and keep your itinerary records for 14 consecutive days before arrival at the University. In the previous 14 days, you must not have experienced any suspected symptoms, such as fever, cough, fatigue, reduced ability to smell, diarrhea or muscle pains and must have not been to medium and high-risk areas.

2. You must have had a nucleic acid test with a negative result within three days.

Your nucleic acid test result within 48 hours before arriving at school must be negative, your “Beijing Health Kit” must have a green code, and your “Itinerary Code” must also be green.

3. Complete the application and report to school.

(1) New students: You must login to the school portal at least 7 days before registration (before August 30), apply through the “Freshman Registration” system, and you may only enter the campus after obtaining permission.

Individual departments (schools) will review student registration applications according to the requirements of the freshman registration epidemic prevention and control.

(2) Currently enrolled students: Before returning to school, it is necessary to apply to your individual department (school) for filing and return to school only after obtaining a “return to school” permit. Individual schools and departments will review student registration applications according to the requirements of the freshman registration epidemic prevention and control.

4. Registration for students from epidemic risk areas is currently suspended.
Students who live in or have travelled to counties (cities, districts and banners, municipalities directly under the central government) in China categorized as medium or high-risk areas during the past 14 days are temporarily prohibited from coming to school.

5. Special approval needed from the school.

Students who are in China and come from other counties (cities, districts and banners) in prefecture-level cities categorized as medium or high-risk areas are temporarily prohibited from coming to school. If it is necessary to come to the University, please submit a written application to your department (school) in advance and provide your “Beijing Health Kit” green code and “Itinerary Code” green code. If your department (school) approves your request, you must arrive in Beijing with the negative certificate of nucleic acid test taken within 48 hours before boarding and the green code of the “Beijing Health Kit”.

After entering the PKU campus in Beijing, your department (school) will be responsible for supervising your 14-day quarantine, and you will be required to get another nucleic acid test again after you have been in Beijing for 7 days.

6. Students arriving in China from overseas.

Currently, international students arriving in Beijing from overseas must strictly follow either the requirement of “14 + 7 + 7”, i.e., 14 days of centralized quarantine, 7 days of stay-at-home quarantine, and 7 days of health monitoring; or the requirement of “21 + 7”, i.e., 21 days of centralized quarantine and 7 days of health monitoring. Then, you can bring your negative certificate of nucleic acid test and the green code of “Beijing Health Kit"” carried out within 48 hours previously to the school.

After 21 days of quarantine, international students living in Zhongguanyuan Global Village can enter Zhongguanyuan Global Village as long as you have a negative certificate of nucleic acid test carried out within 48 hours previously, the certificate of successful completion of quarantine and the green code of “Beijing Health Kit”; at that point, you will be subject to centralized health monitoring for 7 days in Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Further nucleic acid testing will additionally be required on the 2nd and 7th days of health monitoring.

The above conditions may be adjusted on short notice according to the epidemic prevention and control situation and relevant work requirements. Please stay updated for the latest arrangement.

IV. Discipline requirements during your stay

1. You must conscientiously abide by Chinese laws and regulations and the discipline and rules of Peking University and follow the relevant management regulations of Zhongguanyuan Global Village.

2. You must strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control measures and requirements.

3. You must pay the accommodation fee by the deadline.

V. Latest tips

According to the latest requirements of Beijing on August 12, the nucleic acid negative certificate within 72 hours (within 3 days) originally required in the above notification has been changed to the nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours (within 2 days). Hereby explained. (Click the link)

Tel: 86-10-62752288 ext. 70818

Contact email: 1244841324@qq.com

Be well and stay safe!

International Students Division of Office of International Relations,

Peking University

Peking University Zhongguanyuan Global Village

August 10, 2021