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USTC extends warm welcome to incoming undergraduate students

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ustc.edu.cn | Updated: Sept 23, 2021

On Aug 27th, the class of 2025 undergraduate students arrived at USTC, with the passion of writing a new chapter of their academic lives and achieving their dreams. For the first time, new student orientation was carried out at the multi-purpose stadium.

Outside the stadium, plenty of volunteers were helping the new students to move into their dorms and introducing the rich social and culture life at USTC to them. Meanwhile inside of the stadium, the enrollment of freshmen was being carried out orderly. SHU Gequn, Secretary of the Party Committee and BAO Xinhe, President of USTC, together with other leaders of USTC, participated in the orientation, expressing their gratefulness to all volunteers and encouraging new students to study hard and find their interests in USTC.

One student from the School of Earth and Space Sciences, who has just finished his enrollment, “My parents drove me to the university and I have already finished moving in withthe help of the volunteers. I want to express my gratitude to them, and I cannot wait to start my academic life in USTC.”

Another student from the School of Physical Sciences said, “Teachers encourage me to take part in various activities and try to challenge myself. I am ready to master any new knowledge coming in my way.” Besides that, there were two students from the same high school who were accepted by USTC together. One of them is from the School of Life Sciences and the other is from the School of Information Science and Technology, said that they would keep in touch even though they were in different majors and hoped to meet new friends here at USTC.

Each USTC department has prepared personalized presents for new students, offering them the opportunity to know more about their departments and the many exciting academic alternatives they could follow. The Student Union will also hold a series of rich and colorful activities, including Discover USTC Campus, Read Together, Icebreaker, and so on.

According to the arrangements, the freshmen of USTC will have their entrance examination on Aug 28th and celebrate the start of their first academic year during Opening Ceremony on Sept 1st.