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Peking University holds the 8th “North Pavilion Dialogue”

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pku.edu.cn | Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Peking University Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS) hosted the 8th “North Pavilion Dialogue” annual meeting on November 3 and 4. Each year, political figures and famous experts at home and abroad are invited to jointly examine the global situation and share their rich experiences in dealing with international affairs.

Guests participate in discussions and exchanges

This year, the dialogue is held online, with the theme of “Global trends and policy recommendations following the COVID-19 crisis”. Emphasis was placed on COVID-19 impact and response, the strategic landscape of the Asia-Pacific region under the China-U.S.conflict, climate change and environmental issues governance, and the changing strategic landscape of the Eurasian continent.

Participants came to the consensus that COVID-19 has brought new turbulence and risks to the world economy and politics. Hence, countries must work together in order to effectively respond to the pandemic and recover their economies. In the face of the increasingly urgent climate crisis, international cooperation has made new progress, but it still faces domestic political and geopolitical obstacles, and it is urgent for countries to take more concrete actions to effectively promote multilateral coordination.

The dialogue hosted 13 foreign guests including former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd and former U.S. deputy secretary of State John Negroponte. Many prestigious domestic political experts also attended the event. Dai Bingguo, former Chinese state councilor and honorary president of the Peking University Institute of International and Strategic Studies, delivered a keynote address.

Peking University Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS) was established by PKU in October 2013. IISS boasts an abundance of intellectual resources provided by a variety of departments, including PKU School of International Studies. With this backing, IISS undergoes research on topics assigned by sectors of the government and enterprises, providing high-quality consultation services for China’s international strategy and foreign policies.

IISS is also involved in setting up partnerships with think tanks and academic institutions across the globe.

ISS has hosted the “North Pavilion Dialogue” annual meeting since 2014 and is working to turn the “North Pavilion Dialogue” into an advanced platform, through which international strategy researchers across the globe can communicate, collaborate, engage in an in-depth discussion of international affairs, help China build its role in international affairs, and promote win-win cooperation and inclusive development in world politics.