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2021 Sports Meeting held ceremoniously

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ustc.edu.cn | Updated: Nov 15, 2021

On the morning of October 29, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) witnessed a grand opening ceremony of the annual sports meeting.

“Parade step, march!”, with a sonorous slogan, the national flag guards were the first to enter the venue. Holding brand-new equipment and wearing smart uniforms, they escorted the national flag and the school flag with pride and solemnity. After their entrance, phalanxes of each department, national (key) laboratory, administrative unit, as well as the affiliated hospital and student organization appeared, waving their banners and shouting out their respective publicity slogans.

The opening ceremony and national flag guards

Team from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science firstly livened the vibe up, with two students dressed up as animation characters, sending their regards to all the athletes and audiences. Afterwards, the team from the School of Software Engineering of USTC held up their banner “Forge ahead, push on without stop; the School of Software Engineering, race to the top!” entering the venue. Meanwhile, the representatives from the School of Marxism displayed sixteen big red boards with the slogan “Youth shows well, we set sail; Our original aspiration holds still, we celebrate brilliance trial after trial”.

The team of Catering service group highlighted the parade. Not only did they display unique slogans with online hot words such as “Play a C role in debut” and “Give thumbs to yourselves”, but they carefully arranged a show with six handsome chiefs dressed up and posing for the audience.

International College’s representative team

Besides, the International College’s representative team was definitely "a force to be reckoned with". Waving The National flags of China and their own countries, they walked across the playground to demonstrate the emerging international education at USTC.

The appearance of the phalanx made up of students from student organizations herald the end of the parade. The two new organizations: the school baseball association and the school fencing organization, surprised the audience with a unique demonstration. The thriving development of student organizations represented the fulfilled campus life of USTC students.

The school baseball association and the school fencing organization

After all the faculty and students sang the national anthem together, Zhou Congzhao, provost of USTC, delivered the opening speech. He sent warm regards to the staff and judges, as well as teachers and students who took part in the meeting and emphasized the importance of exercise. He also said that the sports meeting was an important way to show spirit of USTCers, deepen friendship, and promote the sports spirit.

Then, 33 students who had outstanding performance in the 2020 National College Students' Physical Health Test was awarded honorary certificates and souvenirs. After that, Xia Leping and Tang Li, representing all the athletes and judges respectively, swore an oath of their duty in the sports meeting. Finally, Shu Gequn, the secretary of the Party Committee of USTC, declared the official opening of 2021 sports meeting of USTC.

With 64 events including sprinting, long-distance running, high jump, long jump, shot put, etc, the sports meeting this year was well worth expectations. Besides, nearly 2000 teachers and students who were eager to prove themselves or even break the school records actively participated in the sports meeting.

Long-distance running

In addition, there were many international students from various schools tooking part in the sports meeting. Sunhyeong Park, a Korean girl from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, took part in the women’s 100-meter race. She said that the biggest difference between the USTC Sports meeting and her homeland was the various distinctive parades from different schools and departments, which was the most attractive part for her.

The USTC sports meeting will last for two days from Oct 29 to 30. It demonstrated the sports competitive spirit, enhanced the cooperation ability and the cohesion of students and faculty members. Also, the sports meeting enriched the after-school life of USTCers as well as created a positive atmosphere on the campus.