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《A tapestry of my campus odyssey》

By Hu Zezhong chinadaily.com.cn Updated : 2023-12-12

Name:Hu Zezhong
University:Communication University of China
Tutor:Hu Fang

Behold! I, a humble student of the Broadcasting and Television program at the esteemed Communication University of China, now take pen in hand to unfurl the vivid tapestry of "My Campus Story." Gather 'round, for within these lines, you shall witness the highlights and cherished moments of my sojourn amidst these hallowed halls.

Embarking on a Theatrical Campus:

With bated breath, I traversed the threshold of the sprawling campus, a world brimming with untold possibilities. Here, a symphony of vitality danced in the air, and I embarked upon a grand voyage of exploration. State-of-the-art studios, resplendent editing rooms, and a vibrant media center became my playground, nurturing the flames of my passion for the art of broadcasting and television.

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The Sage's Illumination:

But lo! It was the learned sages, the venerable professors, who bestowed upon me a gift beyond measure. They, with their vast reservoirs of knowledge and the secrets of the industry tucked within their minds, unlocked the hidden chambers of understanding. In their tutelage, the art of storytelling revealed its enchantments, the sanctity of ethical journalism was extolled, and the immense power of media to shape society was unveiled. Inspired by their wisdom, I soared to greater heights, eager to bestow my very best upon the world.

A Symphony of Collaboration:

In harmony with my comrades, I embarked upon countless collaborative endeavors, weaving enchanting tapestries of radio programs, crafting mesmerizing television segments, and orchestrating thought-provoking events. Together, we wove the threads of creativity and teamwork, melding our diverse talents into a harmonious chorus. Lessons of effective communication, coordination, and compromise were inscribed upon my heart as we sought to captivate the souls of our audience.

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Embracing the World's Stage:

Within these sacred grounds, a pantheon of cultures converged. From the far corners of China and the world, my brethren and I assembled, fostering a symphony of diversity. Engaging with classmates of diverse origins and international scholars, I was transported to realms beyond borders. These cultural exchanges nurtured within me a profound appreciation for the beauty of diversity, forging bonds of friendship destined to span the ages.

Seizing Fortune's Hand:

Opportunity, like a sprightly sprite, danced within these hallowed halls. Eagerly, I partook in workshops, seminars, and industry events, immersing myself in the ever-shifting tides of broadcasting and television. Through these endeavors, my knowledge blossomed, and a constellation of industry professionals graced my path. Their insights, a lustrous beacon, illuminated the path to potential careers yet to be unfolded.

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Thus, with quill laid to rest, I reflect upon "My Campus Story" at the Communication University of China—a saga of self-discovery, knowledge attained, and growth enshrined. From the theatrical ambiance that embraced me to the enlightenment bestowed by the sages, the harmonious symphony of collaboration, the celebration of cultural diversity, and the seizing of opportunities, every chapter of this opus has woven me into a confident and skilled practitioner of broadcasting and television. Gratitude swells within me for the memories, the cherished friendships, and the invaluable lessons I have garnered in this tapestry of an extraordinary campus odyssey.

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