My dream drives me to go upstream |
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My dream drives me to go upstream

By Syed Agha Hassnain Mohsan | | Updated : 2022-10-09

Name: Syed Agha Hassnain Mohsan

Nationality: Pakistan

University: Zhejiang University

Location: Zhejiang

Born in the countryside of Pakistan, life was never been merciful to me. After losing my father at an early age, the huge economic pressure fell on my shoulders to pursue my dreams. It was hard to dream about books as a teenager, whereas others were enjoying toys. Even I was about to give up my dreams for education in those darkest hours of my life. However, education was my only weapon like a fire to survive in a lost forest, lightening up my dark path despite all hardships. I remember giving tuition to my youngsters to fight against the odds of this life.

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In 2009, I was the only student from my city who was awarded ICT R&D Scholarship by the government of Pakistan to pursue undergraduate studies. I remember traveling 60 kilometers every day to prepare for the scholarship test. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I was awarded a scholarship to pursue Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. My efforts paid off by winning these scholarships. The panorama for success was obvious and it was decorated with winning the prestigious CSC Marine Scholarship for Doctoral studies in 2017.

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It was the admission letter from Zhejiang University that made a vital change in my life. I knew a new chapter of my life was to be unfolded. My life was based on the saying of the great Taoism philosopher Lao-Tsi “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This ancient wisdom always puts a unique impact on my thoughts. So I moved a step ahead and joined Zhejiang University to chase my dreams.

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During the last four years, I have helped more than 200 students to secure admission in a Chinese university. That is the only reason, more than 135k followers are following me on social media to seek help and guidance for master's and doctoral studies.

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During my doctoral studies, I was nominated as a monitor of batch 2017 and vice-president of international students to help students to overcome academic and life challenges. During my stay in Zhoushan, I have won several competitions in China such as first position in Zhoushan essay writing, 2nd position in IISA conference Shanghai, and first position in the China Daily English competition held in 2021. I was also awarded as an outstanding international student in 2021.

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Besides education, I have a pleasant personality which is obvious from my Chinese name “HaHa”. I always join volunteer activities in Zhoushan. You will always find my on the forefront of any cultural, traditional, or social activities here. During COVID, I stayed in China and I also encouraged my fellows to fight against this disease together. As I fully believe in China so I did not think to fly back under those tough times.

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As far as my personality is concerned, I have staunch convincing power. Traveling and socializing is my go-to hobbies. I never fear taking the first step to make new friends for my cultural diversity. I have organized several trips, parties, and student events which greatly helped me to interact with new friends. I have visited several cities and I always found love, sincerity, hospitality, and care among Chinese nationals. I love the generosity of the northern cities, the beauty of the southern cities, the openness of the coastal areas, and the honesty of the inland areas.

Whether Tianmen or the Yangtze river, everything is charming to me. I even enjoy the busy life schedule and prosperity of big cities. I cherish the small town and found myself lost in historical villages. Sometimes I am fully lost in the art of the creature’s landmarks in Chinese historical sites. My soul dances in the islands of China, where the blue water, green mountains, fresh air, and the honest folks create a peaceful place for my life. It is always mesmerizing to witness the ocean kissing the shoreline. The monotonous falling of waves always stirs my heart with eternal glee. The fragrance of sand, walking on velvety grass, and witnessing the aged sitting on the beach provides an unforgettable panorama of peace.

Last but not the least, I have always cherished and valued my education in China due to childhood experiences. As I have achieved my dreams, I hope to bring these opportunities to street kids in my hometown. I have got infinite possibilities and opportunities for the future; I have an aim to serve as a team to inspire my young generation.

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Studying at Zhejiang University is a wonderful; surprise to me as well as a blessing and fortune. As good luck only falls on those who strive for it, this luck is a reward for my constant efforts. Even though I have got the award, still I can never forget the kids of my hometown who are seeking my path to guide them. I will never forget the harshness I have been through for these dreams. Looking back, I clearly see myself alone reading under lamplight on
those scary nights, looking forward, I envisage a bright future for my young generation. The whole credit for shaping my life and success goes to Zhejiang University and the Chinese government which I can never pay back throughout my life.