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《Whispers of the dragon land: My endless odyssey in China》

By AL-SABAI NAJEEB ABDULRAHMAN AHMED chinadaily.com.cn Updated : 2023-12-08

University:Dalian Medical University
Tutor:Guo Yanqiu

On August 6th of this year, the ethereal embrace of dawn light bathed the eastern horizon as our train set forth from Dalian. It was more than just a journey; it was an expedition into the very heart of a civilization that has been the cradle of wisdom, art, and science for millennia. China, with its endless horizons and timeless tales, beckoned to be rediscovered.

This vast nation, stitched together by its rich history, has always been a labyrinth of stories waiting to be told. For someone like me, who had already been nestled in its embrace for eight long years, every visit feels like a first — each time unveiling another layer, a newer depth, and an even more fascinating aspect of its beauty.

The train ride itself was poetry in motion. As China's landscapes unfolded, they narrated tales of epochs gone by. Verdant fields danced rhythmically with majestic mountains, resonating with the whispers of ancient poets and artists who had once been captivated just like me.

China's commitment to its guests, especially students like me, is unparalleled. The privilege to study under its auspices has been nothing short of a benediction. This land, known for its robust traditions, has also welcomed change with open arms. Its modernity gleams with pride, showcasing how seamlessly it can intertwine the past with the present. The respect and admiration for foreigners are not just in books; I’ve felt it, lived it. Every city, every street corner, every smiling face has shown me the hospitality that is the very essence of Chinese culture.

Our entourage, a melange of individuals from diverse nations, was bound together by one shared sentiment - an unending love and admiration for China. Despite our varying backgrounds, the tales of China’s advancements in medical sciences, especially in oncology prevention, resonated with us all. The devotion China has towards disseminating awareness about cancer prevention and the commendable strides its hospitals have made, spoke of a nation that looks forward, but not without ensuring the well-being of its people.

In Beijing, the modern medical marvels stood juxtaposed against ancient architectural wonders. The Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was a beacon of hope and innovation. It wasn’t just a hospital; it was a testament to China's commitment to global health.

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

I captured this moment at The Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

An Odyssey of Knowledge and Heritage

The dawn of August 7th ushered in another day of enlightenment. The School of Medicine and Public Health of Peking Union Medical College, a venerable institution, stood proudly as a bastion of knowledge. Underneath its historic façade, stories of China's quest for excellence in tumor prevention and public health were waiting to be unveiled.

With bated breath, the group listened to Professor Qiao Youlin. His tales about the college's commitment to "Great Medicine, Great Hygiene, and Great Health" weren't just narrations but a living testament to the Chinese vision of holistic healthcare. The day culminated with a visit to the historic house of Concord Medical College, where every brick seemed to resonate with tales of medical pioneers and their profound discoveries.

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