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《Dream comes true in China: I am pursuing my dream in Nanjing and I give Nanjing a thumbs-up》

By GAZI TAWFIQ EZAZ chinadaily.com.cn Updated : 2023-12-10

Nationality: Bangladesh
University:Hehai University
Tutor: Zhang Ke

China is considered the world's second-largest economic power. China is among the best destinations for international students to pursue higher studies, especially in Science & Technology. International students' enrolment in highly recognized universities in China has rapidly increased in the last decade. The Belt and Road thinking by the Honorable President of P.R. China, Mr. Xi JinPing, plays a key role in spreading research collaboration along Belt & Road countries.

Since childhood, I have intended to pursue my higher study abroad and choose Hohai University, not only because of its fame but also because of its geographical location in Nanjing, the capital of the beautiful Jiangsu province of China. I feel proud to be a part of more than 100 years of historical University. The Journey of my study life at Hohai University began in 2016. I pursued my Master's degree in Hydrology and Water Resources and continued my study as a Ph.D. scholar at Hohai University in the same Major. My research focuses on climate change's impacts on water resources under the supervision of Prof. Ke Zhang. During my Ph.D., I have been involved with various national and international Projects with Prof. Ke Zhang and his collaborators. I feel proud to be a student at Chinese University throughout my academic life because my University is one of the world's top-ranking universities related to Hydrology and Water Research. As a student at Hohai University, I got the chance to attend and organize various international workshops, symposiums, and conferences.

In my opinion, China is one of the best places for research as Chinese universities are strongly connected with numerous top universities around the globe. In recent years, China achieved a remarkable rise in high-quality research output.

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In 2022, I was recently awarded the Top-10 Students Award from Hohai University. I have also received the honor of the CSC Excellent International Students Scholarship for 2019. Besides, I am awarded The 2019 Distinguish Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship.

China is a country with a long history and culture. Chinese traditional activities have been celebrated for thousands of years. Chinese culture is a set of core values that underlies social interaction among ordinary Chinese people; this culture has remained relatively stable for approximately 5,000 years. Traditional Chinese culture is one of the world's oldest civilizations. Customs and traditions vary significantly among towns, cities, and provinces.

My living town Nanjing, Jiangsu, is known as one of the ancient Chinese civilization's birthplaces, including the Wuyue culture and the Yangtze River culture. Since ancient times, Jiangsu has been considered one of the most developed regions regarding Chinese politics, economy, and culture. Jiangsu is a coastal province located in east China. Since ancient times, it has been considered a fertile land "abound in fish and rice." It is one of the wealthiest and most populous regions in China. Jiangsu is part of the Yangtze River Delta Region.

In my opinion, Nanjing is a city of Peace and Education. Universities like- Nanjing University, Hohai University, Nanjing Normal University, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Audit University, etc., are famous in the National and International Ranking of Universities. The friendly behavior of the Nanjing people attracted me so much. The clean and dust-free environment made Nanjing, Jiangsu, one of the tourist attractions for people from different countries.

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I like visiting Nanjing and other cities in Jiangsu Province during my weekends or holidays. I have seen cities like Dongtai, Jurong, Yangzhou, Hui'an, Zhenjiang, Jiangdu, etc. The natural beauty and modern technological development are the focal points of attraction for tourists in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. During these Chinese National Festivals, scenic spots like Xuanwu Lake and Confucius Temple at Fuzimiao are decorated with colorful lights. Its festive looks draw people's attention from different parts of China. The Cultural activities organized by local communities of Nanjing during Chinese New Year express Jiangsu people's local customs.

Hohai University is well known for its multicultural programs. International Students from more than 40 countries are studying at Hohai, so we enjoy various cultural rituals from our classmates during our study period. Our school organizes a "Cultural Day" for international students annually to promote a multicultural environment and festival atmosphere. On that day, we enjoyed delicious foods from different continents and observed the colorful culture of many countries. I am lucky to be a part of the Hohai cultural family. Last few years, I was the country representative of Bangladesh for Cultural Day.

Further, our University hosts a Chinese New Year festival to promote Chinese customs and culture among international students. Also, on 31st December, we celebrate the New Year Gala at our school premises. Many talented Chinese and international students performed stage shows during the New Year Gala.

I want to focus on an important issue: Volunteer work can act as a bridge between international students and local inhabitants to create strong community engagement. I have been involved in various volunteer activities besides my academic study. During my holidays, I always like to be involved in different volunteer activities organized by the local Chinese community, like Qingdao Community Centre, Nanjing. Participating in various cultural activities has always been a pleasure, as Chinese Culture is vast and eye-catching. Chinese Festivals like the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Chinese New Year, among the world's most significant celebrations, are fascinating.

Sharing language is another key way of making friends or adopting a new environment. Further, sufficient knowledge of the local language is vital to make foreign study life smooth and for better communication with local people. I like to learn the Chinese Language by interacting with Chinese friends. Recently, I have been involved in Language exchange with retired people.

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Besides, I also attended different sports activities with senior Chinese people. These activities taught me that volunteer work is vital to adapting to foreign life. At the same time, volunteer work can help you become socially responsible.

I am happy to act as a bridge for promoting Bangladeshi culture among Chinese friends. It is mention-worthy that I was among the top winners of the #MyChinaStory writing competition organized by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bangladesh. As a result, my life story was published on the official Facebook page of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bangladesh. Besides, I also received an appreciation letter from the His Excellency, Mr. Li Jiming, Honorable Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh, for winning the essay competition marking CPC's 100th founding anniversary. It also needs to mention that I was recently interviewed by China Radio International (CRI) to share my experiences and achievements in China during my study periods.

In the end, from my living and study experiences at Hohai University, I would like to say that our University is one of the best universities to learn modern research techniques; at the same time, international students can build a friendly relationship with Chinese partners by doing volunteer works or attending various social works, which is very significant. Additionally, international students need to get used to the way of Chinese communication as well we need to respect the culture and traditions of Chinese.

Finally, I would like to say, "I am pursuing my dreams in China". I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Chinese government for supporting us during this pandemic by providing vaccines against Covid-19. Also, I wish "Long live Bangladesh-China Friendship."

"I love China; I Love Nanjing."

"I have traveled thousands of miles and crossed the Sea to come to Nanjing: I cherish every moment in Nanjing. Together, we make Nanjing beautiful.

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