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《Journey to excellence: My academic story at Wuhan University》

By HANANE THAMIK chinadaily.com.cn Updated : 2023-12-12

University:Wuhan University
Tutor: Wu Jiang

Dear Wuhan University

On a sunny morning, with full expectations and longing, I embarked on the journey to study in China. My name is He Xiaona, and I come from a far away country - Morocco. This is a country full of mystery and charm, and I brought my footprints to this ancient and magical land of China.

The story begins when I first set foot on the campus of Wuhan University. It was a hot summer day, and I walked into this prestigious school with my bags on my back and the heat wave. Wuhan University, known as China's "Centennial University", has a long history and profound foundation. When I set foot on this sacred land, I felt like I was in an ocean of knowledge, and I couldn't help feeling awe.

On campus, I met outstanding students from all over the world. We tell each other about our culture, exchange different opinions, and weave a colorful picture in each other's languages. Sometimes, we cook hot pot together, taste traditional Chinese food, and enjoy a gluttonous feast. Sometimes, we get together to enjoy Chinese classical music and feel the unique rhythm. These exchanges and interactions made me understand and love Chinese culture better, and also made me aware of the diversity and inclusiveness of the world.

During my study and life at Wuhan University, I also met many outstanding professors and mentors. They taught me academic knowledge and research methods, which inspired my passion for academics. I was fortunate to participate in a research project on China's economic development, exploring and analyzing the current situation and trends of China's economy with my mentor and team members. This project not only enriched my professional knowledge, but also cultivated my teamwork and independent thinking skills. In addition, I am honored to be rated as an outstanding international student at Wuhan University and receive a first-class scholarship. This is not only recognition of my academic performance, but also recognition of my contribution to social services. At the same time, I also won the first prize in the Chucai Cup essay competition and the second prize in the national essay competition on the theme of "Experiencing China's New Era".

These honors inspire me to continue to study hard and pursue excellence. In addition to actively participating in campus activities, I also participated in some international activities and received some honors. I was selected as one of the 2023 "List of the World's Most Influential Celebrities of African Descent" by the United Nations in New York. This honor makes me very proud. As the political youth representative of Morocco to the Communist Party of China, I participated in the China-Africa Youth Volunteer Service Forum and the China-Africa Future Leaders Dialogue. These international exchange opportunities gave me a deeper understanding of the connections between different countries and cultures, and also broadened my international horizons. My study abroad career is not only about academic pursuits, but also about a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. By participating in various activities, I not only improved my leadership and interpersonal skills, but also developed a spirit of perseverance and fearlessness. I learned to be confident and brave, and to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude when facing challenges.

My story is shared during the China-Africa Youth Festival 2023 in the Blue Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for exchanges. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

While studying abroad, I was also fortunate to visit some well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions in Wuhan. I visited the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and saw many innovative projects and scientific and technological achievements. I also visited a large Internet company in Wuhan and learned about the development and innovation of China's Internet industry. These visits gave me a deeper understanding of China's technological innovation and economic development, and also inspired me to explore the future.

During my exchanges with Chinese classmates and professors, I deeply felt Wuhan University’s concern and support for international students. The school provides a variety of academic and life help, creating a good learning and growth environment for us. I also participated in international student exchange activities organized by the school and shared cultural experiences with students from different countries. These exchanges allowed me to broaden my horizons and improve my interpersonal skills. It also makes me more confident to face various challenges.

As time goes by, I gradually integrate into this big family and regard Wuhan as my second hometown. Whenever I walk along the tree-lined paths on campus, I feel the strong academic atmosphere and friendly human touch. Whether I was having in-depth discussions with professors in the classroom or studying intently in the library, I could feel the power of scholarship and the desire for scholarship deep in my heart.

During the graduation ceremony with the President of Wuhan University [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Wuhan University is not only a palace of knowledge, but also a cradle for cultivating leadership and social responsibility. I have participated in many campus clubs, held cadre positions, and learned management and organizational skills. In the process, I learned how to work with people from different backgrounds, how to unleash the potential of a team, how to solve problems and make sound decisions. These valuable experiences will accompany me throughout my life and lay a solid foundation for my future career development.

In communicating with Chinese classmates and professors, I also discovered my own growth and changes. By learning Chinese, I am able to communicate with others more comfortably in both daily life and academic settings. By communicating with Chinese classmates, I learned about their way of thinking and values, which broadened my horizons and broadened my thinking. I also established a deep friendship with them. We shared joys and faced difficulties together, and became partners and supporters on each other's growth path.

In my study abroad life at Wuhan University, I was not only a student, but also a witness and participant. I have witnessed the development and progress of the school with my own eyes and witnessed Wuhan University’s achievements in international education. I am proud to be a member of this prestigious institution and also feel a great responsibility. I hope to give back the knowledge and experience I learned at Wuhan University to society in the future and contribute to building a better world.

The story of my coming to China to study with Wuhan University is like a wonderful book. Here I not only absorbed the nutrition of knowledge, but also tasted the warmth of friendship and the joy of growing up. I believe that this valuable experience will accompany me throughout my life and become one of the most precious treasures in my life. In the days to come, I will continue to work hard to explore more academic fields and pursue higher academic achievements. Wuhan University has opened up infinite possibilities and a broad stage for me, inspiring my passion for excellence and the spirit of courage to explore.

As an international student, I know that I shoulder the expectations of my country and my family. At Wuhan University, I not only learned professional knowledge, but also learned how to face challenges and difficulties. Academically, I constantly overcome language barriers and cultural differences, and strive to integrate and have in-depth academic exchanges with outstanding professors and classmates. Their passion and talent inspire me to constantly surpass myself and pursue excellence.

On the campus of Wuhan University, I also have the opportunity to participate in various academic research and practical activities. I was involved in a research project on sustainable development, working with students from different countries to explore how to address global environmental challenges. This experience not only gave me a deeper understanding of the complexity of environmental issues, but also developed my teamwork and problem-solving skills.

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

In addition to academics, Wuhan University also offers a variety of cultural and social activities. I once participated in a campus art festival and enjoyed traditional Chinese dance and music performances, which inspired me deeply. I also actively participate in international student exchange activities, exchange culture with international students from all over the world, and share each other's experiences and stories.

These valuable experiences further broadened my horizons, cultivated my ability in cross-cultural communication, and deepened my respect and understanding of cultures around the world.

Published a number of highly influential research papers in this field in SCI and SSCI journals, which is one of the proudest achievements in my academic career. These papers represent my in-depth research and outstanding achievements in the fields of e-commerce and information management. Every paper published has gone through strict academic review and approval by peer experts, which has won me reputation and respect in the academic world.

In addition to SCI and SSCI journals, I have published more than 20 other papers, demonstrating my research interests in a wide range of fields and diverse academic abilities. Some of these papers have been of special significance and influence. For example, the "2019 United Nations Geneva Report" and "2020 and 2021 Peking University 5,000 Miles Report" are important research results that I submitted to senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. These reports focus on international affairs and global development and provide policymakers with A valuable reference.

Recently, my most noteworthy paper is an SCI paper on the impact of artificial intelligence on the sustainable development of the electronic market. This paper attracted the attention of many experts around the world and was reproduced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on its official website. This shows that my research is of great significance in promoting the sustainable development of electronic markets and has had a positive impact in academia and practice. In addition, I received further invitations from three academics from Norway, Finland and Greece to email me and invite me to contribute to some chapters of a Springer book, which is further evidence of my credentials in academia. Prestige and recognition.

These academic achievements not only make me deeply proud, but also laid a solid foundation for my development in academia. Through continuous research and publication, I have been able to communicate and cooperate with scholars from all over the world, broadened my academic horizons, and continuously improved my research capabilities and academic influence. I firmly believe that through continuous efforts and research, I will make more meaningful contributions to academia and society, and actively promote the development of e-commerce and information management fields.

When I leave Wuhan University, I will always miss the good times and the precious friendships here. I believe that the knowledge and experiences I have learned will serve as a guide for me on my life path, allowing me to achieve greater success in my future career. I will regard my study and growth at Wuhan University as valuable wealth and motivation, give back what I have learned to the society, and contribute to building a more harmonious and prosperous world.


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