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Your guide to living in China - Communications

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Students will largely rely on mobile phone as a medium of communications with your newly met Chinese friends during your stay in China. Also, a good and cheap long distance phone service should be selected so that students could keep in touch with families and friends in their home countries.

Mobile Phone Services

Students may subscribe mobile phone service after they arrive China. They may use the mobile phone brought from their home country but they have to ensure the mobile phone’s compatibility. Mobile phone networks cover all cities, counties and some villages in China. There are three main mobile carriers in China: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. You can buy a SIM card in China and insert it into your mobile phone. There are lots of service packages you can join with or without a service contract.

China Mobile Service Hotline: 10086

China Unicom Service Hotline: 10010
China Telecom Service Hotline: 10000

Long Distance Phone Services

There are various long distance phone services in China, but students have to beware of the quality and the prices. Students may also select an internet phone service, monthly tariff with unlimited talk time. The least expensive way is using WeChat, a popular instant messaging application.

Roaming Services

It will be very expensive for foreign students using the roaming services from their home countries. International students should not need roaming services while they are studying in China.