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Sept 01, 2021

Your guide to living in China - Communications

Students will largely rely on mobile phone as a medium of communications with your newly met Chinese friends during your stay in China.

Sept 01, 2021

Your guide to living in China - Medical and health

All foreigners entering China are required to complete a health declaration card that is distributed by the cabin crew during the flight to China.

Sept 01, 2021

Your guide to living in China - Insurance

It is required by the Ministry of Education in China that insurance is required for all foreign students who pursues higher education in China for a period over 6 months.

Sept 01, 2021

How to buy safe food in China

Buying safe food is one of the most important parts of a healthy life. Whether traveling in China, dining out or purchasing food from stores or supermarkets, food safety needs to be considered.

Sept 01, 2021

Regulations concerning the passenger’s claim for bodily damages during a taxi accident

The relationship between passengers and taxi companies is that of receiving and providing services in transportation.

Common procedures of seeing doctors in Chinese hospitals
Sept 01, 2021

Common procedures of seeing doctors in Chinese hospitals

Chinese hospital departments are divided into general outpatient services and experienced specialist doctors.

Sept 01, 2021

Hospitals in China

The Chinese medical system primarily comprises of public and private hospitals and a small percentage of personalized clinics.

Sept 01, 2021

Five health tips for foreigners in China

Get the recommended vaccinations, such as diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) , measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), polio, hepatitis A and B, before leaving for China, especially those who expect to stay in China for a long duration.

Sept 01, 2021


The International Emergency Rescue Center was founded in China in October 1995 to meet the emergency needs of foreigners in the country.

Sept 01, 2021

Certificates and documents needed for marriage registration

This article has listed the essential certificates and documents you will need for foreign-related marriage registration.

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