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Blessed fate

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By Sanamad Nidchakan | | Updated: Feb 16, 2022

[Thailand] Sanamad Nidchakan, Northwest University

Sanamad Nidchakan [Photo provided to]

Rainy Xi’an in July is not as hot and dry as before. It is the first time that I see such long rainy days in Xi’an after being in China for more than two years. Though I have got my master’s degree, I cannot find it in my heart to leave China for all those joyful memories, days of learning and people I love . The sky should have no emotions, but why does it rain for days in the time of parting? I’m saddened by the rain and my leaving.

I’m amazed by the pace of Xi’an toward modernization. Surrounded by high[1]rise buildings, people are busy at work to keep this city bustling with life. Cars, benefited by the convenient transportation network, drive orderly and slow down to give way to approaching pedestrians. SAGA International Shopping Mall boasts the first escalator in Asia which can carry shoppers non-stop to the sixth floor.

Only smart and diligent Chinese people have the ability of building such feats. At night, Xi’an puts on its colorful night garment. After a busy day, people can have a moment of peace here. The yellow lamps light up the city wall. On the square near Yongning Gate, the grand dancing performance Chang’an Impression is put on display; the height of Asia’s largest water fountain, at the south square of Dayan Pagoda, is changing to the rhythm of joyful music; youth in bars of Defu Lane share the joys and pains of life in toasts; the wide City Park is built along the moat, saving a piece of quiet land for the bustling city.

The campus of Northwest University [Photo provided by Northwest University]

Some people said that the landscape of the Five Great Mountains belittles those elsewhere, and the landscape of Huangshan tops that of the Five Great Mountains. I thought about visiting these five great mountains and Huangshan, but I underestimated the broadness and richness of China. Though I have only been to Sichuan, I was highly impressed and fascinated by its natural beauty. Chinese pandas there captured my heart with their cuteness.

A group of naughty monkeys sometimes would play with visitors and even steal stuff without anyone’s notice. What impressed me the most was Leshan Giant Buddha. It sits quietly among mountains and rivers, guarding all ships passing under its feet. When visiting this place, people can’t help but be left in awe. It is regretful that I haven’t had time to visit other such sceneries across China.

When the leaves turn yellow next year, I will be back to China to keep my promise to him. Buddha once said it takes 500 times of look-back in the past lives to come across with each other in this life. We, born in different countries, must have kept looking back into our past lives to meet and fall in love with each others.

Though love sickness is painful, I am only on a temporary leave. On the wishing wall of Da Xingshan Temple, we wrote down our best wishes and promises. Even though the wind and rain may blur out those words, they are still engraved in our hearts.

It’s still raining, just like my mood of leaving. However, this is just a temporary leave, and I will be back to this beautiful country next year, because there is someone waiting for me. After then, I will enjoy this wonderful city life, travel around China with him, and write our story together.

The story is from "My Beautiful Encounter with China" Essay Competition organized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE).