Do you want to study in China? Here at "Study China", we've prepared a quick 5-step guide to help you navigate through all the most important issues you need to know.

Apply to universities

After making your choices, you should enter the application process and pay attention to following things:

Figure out the eligibility of the program in the university

Different programs in difference universities may have different eligibility for the applicants. In general, universities have admission requirements on the applicants' identity, physical condition, educational background, academic performance, language proficiency and age.

Applicants need to carefully check Chinese universities' admission book. For example, the Chinese program in some universities may have higher requirements on the applicants' level of HSK than other programs. In general, Chinese universities will give preference to applicants whose HSK level is between IV to V. Some may have detailed requirements on the total points or scores of each subject.

Fill in application form

Once you have decided the program and university, it’s time for you to enter the application process. First of all, you need to fill in the application form and submit your detailed information according to the requirements of the university. Generally speaking, you can directly download the application form at the website for international admission of each university or get it by registering an account in the international student service system provided by each university.

Prepare for application materials

After getting the feedback from the university that you applied for, you need to prepare for the application materials in accordance with the requirements of university. Generally, printed application form, transcripts of academic achievements, results of tests or certificates that can prove the educational background, documents that can prove the nationality, identity and age are required by the university.

Keep up with application process

Applicants need to keep up with the application process, pay attention to the notice timely or the email and phone call from the university you applied for. If the application materials are incomplete, the school will notify you to submit supplementary materials. Some universities will also have integrative test for the applicants. Most importantly, be sure to pay attention to when the results are issued, especially the offer or the rejection letter.

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