Do you want to study in China? Here at "Study China", we've prepared a quick 5-step guide to help you navigate through all the most important issues you need to know.

Before departure

After you have finished the application process and successfully applied your university, you can prepare for your journey to China. You will need to do following things:

Check Covid-19 updates

With the normalization of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in China, students should check national and local policies and notice on epidemic prevention and control, such as daily briefings on novel coronavirus cases, Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 Patients, Covid-19 vaccination guide for foreigners in China.

Prepare your luggage

Be sure to take the electronic devices, bedding, toiletries, clothing, common drugs, cash in RMB, valid passport and visa and your person documents as well as the materials university asked.

Book ticket

According to the admission time, you should book your flight tickets in advance. There are different ways for booking tickets. You can directly go to the airport, call the airlines on the phone, or book tickets online.

Buying insurance

While studying in China, international students need to buy medical insurance and personal accident insurance. You can purchase it either in your own country or in China. To date, most of Chinese universities will provide the guidance of medical insurance purchase, claims and other related services for international students.

Taking physical examination

Before registration, university will ask international students to take physical examination in order to make sure they are in good health condition. In terms of the requirements of the university, you can take the examination in your home country and or at the designated hospital in China.

Book Airport pick-up service

Considering that international students are unfamiliar with transportation in China and the location of the school, it is recommended to book an airport pick-up service. You can contact the local agency to book this service or contact your university for assistance.

Book accommodation

Universities will provide students' dormitories for international students. There will be different types of dormitories at different prices. Students need to book in advance. If there is no dormitory within the campus, students should book other accommodation by themselves off campus.

Money transfer

The foreign currencies carried by international students can be changed into Chinese RMB at nearby banks after arriving in school. You can also open an RMB bank account in China. You can bring the following currencies and convert them into RMB: GBP, HKD, USD, EUR, JPY, Canadian dollar, Australia dollar. In China, as only the Bank of China provide such exchange service, check the website to see the banking outlets:

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