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NYU Shanghai holds opening ceremony for new undergrads

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study.edu.sh.gov.cn | Updated: Sept 29, 2022
NYU Shanghai Chancellor Tong Shijun addresses new students at the opening ceremony on Sept 10. [Photo/Official website of NYU Shanghai]

New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai) held an opening ceremony for new undergraduates from around the world on Sept 10.

Around 450 Chinese and international students attended onsite and around 60 international students joined the ceremony online.

NYU Shanghai will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Oct 15.

"Dear students…, you are lucky to be the personal embodiment of 'a link between the past and future.' You will enter the history of NYU Shanghai as the last group of freshmen in its first decade, and the first group of freshmen in its second decade," said NYU Shanghai Chancellor Tong Shijun when addressing new students at the ceremony.

NYU Shanghai is China's first Sino-US research university and the third degree-granting campus in the NYU Global Network. It was founded in 2012 by New York University and East China Normal University. Its student body currently consists of nearly 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students, half of whom are from China. Students from the United States and some 70 other countries represent the other half.

Three new NYU Shanghai students, who flew from the United States to Shanghai together, pose for a photo on campus. [Photo/Official website of NYU Shanghai]