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Nearly 80,000 international students study in Shanghai

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Sept 29, 2022
Lujiazui, the financial center in Shanghai, forms a perfect backdrop for the Bund area. [Photo by Wang Gang/For China Daily]

There are nearly 80,000 international students studying in Shanghai, with 65 percent of them pursuing academic degrees, the head of the city's education authority said at a Ministry of Education press briefing in Beijing on Sept 20.

Shanghai is striving to become one of the most popular cities in Asia for overseas students, a dynamic and attractive international education center, said Wang Ping, director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Wang shared some of the achievements that Shanghai has realized in international education cooperation and exchanges at the "Education in the past decade" interview activity.

According to Wang, Shanghai has launched 176 high-level Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions and programs, of which more than 50 percent rely on 15 universities in Shanghai that are supported by China's Double World-Class Project. Key institutions include New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai), which is China's first Sino-US research university and was founded in 2012 by New York University and East China Normal University.

Shanghai is an active participant in global education management, said Wang. For instance, the city set up a teacher education center in cooperation with UNESCO, and Shanghai Open University has been participating in a remote education program of UNESCO.