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Discovering charm of China in an international position

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Jin Seiri, a South Korean student at Zhejiang University, started her first internship at NetEase Inc, one of the rising Chinese Internet companies.

Jin Seiri in class [Photo provided to]

Her job was related to an online game developed by NetEase. Because of her foreign language advantage, Jin was responsible for the compilation of the game corpus and the collection of players' opinions in the South Korean market.

"I translated specific game terms from Chinese to Korean to facilitate the program’s localization in South Korea, and collected players' feedback, translated them into Chinese and reported them to my superior," Jin recalled.

Although the intership lasted just three months, it helped Jin recognize the traditional culture in Chinese online games, and the globalization of China's economy.

The dialogues in the game contained Chinese idioms and ancient poems, and the design was even related to Chinese martial arts. "Transmitting these contents with Chinese characteristics to a foreign market was a big challenge for me, but I was happy to be exposed to Chinese culture," she said.

During her stay in NetEase, Jin also discovered Chinese people to be friendly. "I celebrated my birthday not long after I joined the company. I didn't expect that when I mentioned it casually, my supervisor would keep it in mind and prepare a cake for me. I was very moved," said Jin.

Jin has spent nearly 10 years in China. The places of interest, food, friendly people and convenient life all help her to feel the charm of the country. She even affectionately calls China her "second hometown".