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Internship in China opens new horizons

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"I never expected that I could intern at one of the top five futures companies in China. I feel so lucky and cherish this opportunity very much," says Tsend-Ayush Batkhaan, a Mongolian student and finance major at Zhejiang University.

He is one of many international students benefiting from the internship program launched by the China International Youth Exchange Center. The program has been running for two years, and provides great career opportunities for young global talent in China.

As for Batkhaan, he worked as an intern at Yongan Futures Co to study pure terephthalic acid, also known as PTA, its industrial chain distribution and the law of price fluctuation.

Since childhood, Batkhaan has often traveled between China and Mongolia with his family, which has given him a front-row seat to China's spectacular economic development over the years. "Compared to my home country, China's economy is more developed, I would like to stay here and start my own business in the future," he says.

For most of the overseas students, an internship gives them not only an opportunity to fit into society but also a silent influence with ubiquitous Chinese culture diffusing in a Chinese-style workplace.

Tsend-Ayush Batkhaan (left) in Xiamen with his friend [Photo provided to]