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Foreign youth glittering in China

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For Andrea Nathalia Vanegas Martínez from EL Salvador, who is a student at Beijing Jiaotong University, the internship at Tongling Tianhai Flow Control Co., LTD. was an unforgettable experience.

She received the internship notice at the beginning of the year, and began to plan her trip from Beijing to East China’s Anhui province.

"Because my Chinese is not proficient, I was worried that there would be difficulties in communication. But then I found that the Chinese people are very friendly, and the colleagues who can speak English in the company helped me a lot," said Martínez.

Martínez’s work involved business communication with potential customers from the Latin American market. "The knowledge I learned in school are useful at work. In addition to answering emails, I also write business reports, which makes me feel very fulfilled," she said.

With her outstanding academic performance, she applied for a Chinese Government Scholarship, and came to China in 2019 after EL Salvador established diplomatic ties with China in 2018.

For a girl who only knew about China through movies, studying abroad and internships made her family very proud. "China is very friendly to foreigners. I hope that in the future I can work hard to adapt to Chinese culture and have more breakthroughs in employment," said Martínez.

Andrea Nathalia Vanegas Martínez is at work. [Photo provided to]