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China, my second home

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Agayev Serdar is a fluent Chinese speaker. He hopes to adapt to life in China soon. He studies architecture at Chongqing University, and has been a summer intern at China Communications Construction Company Limited in South China's Guangdong province.

Getting up at 6 am every morning, taking the shuttle bus to the company to have breakfast at 8 am, visiting the construction site and learning the site design from 8.30 am to noon, studying the documents such as those on safety management standards after lunch break, and then getting off work at 5.30 pm: such were the days of his internship that completed his favorable impression of China.

"It was very different from what I learned in school," Serdar said of his internship, adding that he learned something new every day. For him, who had just finished his sophomore year, the internship was more like a preview of future curricula. "During my internship, I was exposed to a lot of project safety management, about which I had no idea based on my knowledge reserves at that time." He thought he might get more out of taking an internship when he becomes a senior.

Serdar, who comes from Turkmenistan, was homesick like many foreigners. People in Turkmenistan place considerable value on attachment to the family, and younger people should take the initiative to greet their elders. In the company, colleagues greet each other every day, so that he felt very much at home.

Serdar is especially thankful the company for its meticulous and thoughtful care, and for the canteen that prepared delicious meals according to individual taste. 'It was a really happy, unforgettable month,' he said.