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Settling down in China

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Beghanova Maral, a girl from Turkmenistan, has studied product design at Chongqing University for three years in Southwest China. She speaks fluent Chinese and has made many friends from all over the world.

She finds living in China highly convenient, and Chongqing city has greatly impressed her with its people’s love of life.

Beghanova enjoys her Chinese name "Xiao Lu", which means fawn in Chinese; it's as cute as she is. She followed her brother's advice to study abroad and came to China in 2017. Now she has adapted to life in China very well, and is pursuing personal long-term development in the country. She keeps two stray cats, making her feel at home in Chongqing.

To prepare for future career development, Beghanova participated in a summer internship through a program initiated by the China International Youth Exchange Center. A Hefei-based internet company housed her.

The internship gave her a deeper understanding of China and a longing to keep working there. She worked for the company for a month and tailored memes featuring its corporate culture.

When she saw her colleagues communicating with each other with the memes she designed, Beghanova was filled with great joy and satisfaction. She said that it was the highlight of this internship.

Now her greatest wish is to complete her undergraduate studies smoothly and then apply for a graduate program in a Chinese university with the aim of becoming an excellent designer in the future.