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Spanish scholar fascinated by industrial heritage in China

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Juan Manuel Cano Sanchiz, a cultural heritage scholar from Spain, opened a window of cultural exchange in China five years ago.

As an associate professor at the Institute for Cultural Heritage and History of Science and Technology at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Juan's primary academic interest is the similarity and difference between Chinese and western models of industrialization.

Juan's journey of cultural exploration extends beyond the lecture halls as he ventures into Beijing's hutongs, where time seems to stand still. Describing these alleys as a blend of "pre-modernity, modernity, or even super-modernity," Juan says he loves the relaxing and authentic atmosphere they offer.

Juan initially planned to stay for only a few years, but has now extended his commitment, saying, "I feel that I am at the very beginning of my life in China, and I still have plenty of things that I would like to experience here."
Watch the video to find out more.