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BISU holds forum to promote youth exchanges between China, France

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A forum on Chinese-French youth exchanges was held in Beijing International Studies University (BISU) on March 12.

The activity, hosted by BISU and co-hosted by Institut Supérieur de Propédeutique d'Amiens (ISPA), was attended by 160 guests, including government officials and students and teachers from both countries.

Chang Yu, secretary of the CPC BISU Committee, pointed out in his speech that this year marks both the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France and of the founding of the university.

Outlining the history of BISU, he stressed its mission of promoting Sino-foreign cultural exchanges. He mentioned its Chinese language courses for international students, the program of "an overview of modern China and city development" for graduate students, and the "Chinese language + tourism" program, as he emphasized BISU's dedication to international student education.

Chang said he hopes more and more young people from all over the world will come to understand China's splendid ancient civilization, cutting-edge technology and its government and society.

He said that youth exchange is an important cornerstone of cultural exchange, and he expressed his hope that young people from China and France, guided by the principles of openness, inclusiveness, sincerity and communication, will delve deeply into the splendid civilizations of both countries and promote exchanges and mutual learning. Chang said he hopes more foreign students will understand China.

Chang expects more exchanges and mutual learning between young people from both countries. [Photo provided to]

Chen Wei, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges under the Ministry of Education, said in his speech that France is an important educational partner for China. Through joint efforts, the two countries have achieved fruitful cooperation in various fields such as high-level talent cultivation, university collaboration, primary and secondary school exchanges, vocational education and language teaching.

He expressed his delight in witnessing the interactions between students from both countries. Their use of French in communication demonstrates the positive outcomes of educational and language cooperation between the two countries.

He also expressed hope that more French youths will engage in learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture.

Additionally, he said he looked forward to seeing young people from both countries jointly address contemporary global challenges, including climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development, and artificial intelligence.

Chen says he looks forward to seeing young people jointly address contemporary challenges. [Photo provided to]

Julien Tevenart from La Providence High School, the alma mater of French President Macron, expressed his gratitude to the organizers and relevant institutions in China for their hospitality.

He introduced the educational programs offered at his school for both secondary and higher education, expressing his hope to further expand the connections between the high school and schools in China.

He also expressed his delight in observing the increasing significance of "China" in the French school curriculum, including discussions on various economic development plans such as the Belt and Road Initiative and the global influence of renowned multinational corporations from China.

Starting from the first year of secondary school, French students have the option to choose Chinese as a foreign language for study. They are eager to understand China, its language, and culture.

French schools also welcome Chinese students to study French and explore French culture.

Tevenart encourages more Chinese students to study French. [Photo provided to]

During the forum, Ghanmouni Zineb, an international student at BISU, and Komani Mayentao, who works at the university, shared their experiences of studying and working in China in French.

An international student and a foreign teacher at BISU share their experiences. [Photo provided to]

In the interactive session, young people from China and France engaged in exchanges on topics such as studying Chinese in China.

After the opening ceremony, La Providence High School presented a porcelain plate with Amiens characteristics to BISU.

La Providence High School presents a porcelain plate to BISU. [Photo provided to]

On the occasion of China's national tree planting day, students from China and France jointly planted cherry blossom trees on the BISU campus, wishing for a bright future for Sino-French relations.

A tree is planted to commemorate the event on the BISU campus[Photo provided to]