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Wahed Ahmadzai: Why I chose to start a business in China

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chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: May 30, 2024

Ahmadzai receives the Chaoyang Phoenix Youth Ambassador Award. [Provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Wahed Ahmadzai, a serial entrepreneur from Afghanistan who has built his career in China, created several start-ups in his 20s.

He is the CEO and founder of NHUB, a company committed to building inclusive hubs to help clients explore opportunities in a globalized world; he founded and serves as the secretary general of Alumni Talent Alliance, a non-profit entrepreneurship guidance platform for international alumni; he founded YOOFU, an international youth cultural education company; and his first start-up was "Study in China | Cloud network", a platform for universities to recruit international students.

Ahmadzai came to study at the University of International Business and Economy (UIBE) in 2014. He joined the university's International Alumni Association, and was surrounded by a network of inspiring talents with great vigor and new ideas and he explored new opportunities with them.

The experience at UIBE laid the groundwork for Ahmadzai's future career which focuses on connecting global talents and building bridges between the public sector, the private sector and academia.

We interviewed Ahmadzai recently on his views about starting a business in China.

Q: Why did you choose to develop your career in Beijing?

A: Beijing is an international metropolis rich in resources, from talent and enterprises to innovative ideas. It is undoubtedly the best place to launch an international start-up, as it provides access to the dynamic global market.

Q: What do you think of China's entrepreneurship ecosystem?

A: China's entrepreneurship ecosystem is consistently improving. I believe that it could further empower young people, especially college students, and that large enterprises and platform companies could provide more support to drive innovation and foster entrepreneurship.

Q: What do you think of China's business environment?

A: There are many people willing to help and support you in the business environment, more than you can imagine. Just engage in learning, communicating and giving back to society and learn to seek help from others, and you can quickly integrate into the environment.

Q: How important is cross-cultural communication in your entrepreneurship?

A: Business is communication in its essence, so cross-cultural, cross-generation and cross-industry communication are all crucial.

Q: What are your predictions for the future of the Chinese economy?

A: I am deeply convinced of the capability of the Chinese people, especially the young generation, to build a bright future.