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Seng Let: Bridging China and Myanmar's future

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By Seng Let | | Updated: Jun 07, 2024

Seng Let [Myanmar]

Yunnan University

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Seng Let, a student from Myanmar, has studied at Yunnan University for seven years. With enhanced professional knowledge and a deeper understanding of China's development and ethnic unity, he hopes to bring China's successful experience back to Myanmar.

Coming from Myitkyina in northern Myanmar, Seng Let was born to a farming family. After graduating from high school, he received a scholarship to study hydraulic and hydropower engineering at Yunnan University. With the goal of contributing to the water resources management in his homeland, he delved into his studies. Yet he realized that Myanmar not only needed technical expertise, but also professionals who understood its political, economic, and social conditions. Therefore, he majored in ethnology for his postgraduate studies.

"Seven years ago, I arrived in China with dreams, feeling nervous but confident about the future," Seng Let recalled. During his time in Kunming, he made many friends, and through the help of them and his teachers, he quickly adapted to the new environment and improved his Chinese significantly.

As a postgraduate, Seng Let and his mentor visited various villages in Yunnan, experiencing the exchange and integration among different ethnic groups. These experiences deepened his understanding of the unity and diversity within the Chinese nation. Last year, during his field research in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, he witnessed the Drung ethnic group’s eradication of poverty.

"The sense of security and ethnic harmony in China has deeply impressed me," he said. He hopes to bring these back to his homeland for stability and prosperity.

Seng Let now plans to pursue a doctoral degree to further explore China's development model and successful experience, with the aim sharing China's charm and wisdom with more people.

"In my seven years in China, I have learned a lot, made many friends and gained rich life experience," Seng Let said. "In the future, I hope to tell more Chinese stories and let the world see a true and vibrant China."

The above content is provided by Yunnan University and only represents the author's views, not the stance of China Daily website.