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Ali Sajid: The essence of 'China speed'

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By Ali Sajid | | Updated: Jun 07, 2024

Ali Sajid [Pakistan]

Yunnan University

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Ali Sajid, a Pakistani student, shared his study experience in China, highlighting the contribution of his father and teachers to his academic progress. Here is his story:

At 29 years old, I can still see the boy I used to be, running and sweating on the basketball court. One day, I was so obsessed with basketball that I skipped school. My father suddenly appeared. He saw that I was still at home and slapped me. That was the first time I saw him so angry. More scared and ashamed than before, I came to understand my father’s expectation of me.

After graduating from high school in 2015, I felt uncertain about the future. It was at that crucial time that China's Belt and Road Initiative inspired and guided me to a new direction and showed me the bright prospects of cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan.

I started to learn Chinese and passed the HSK 3 (a testing level of Chinese proficiency) before I came to Beijing to further my study in 2016. Beijing’s glamor and vigor filled me with anticipation for the future.

My Chinese improved rapidly and I passed HSK 6, the highest level for non-native Chinese speakers when I was a junior student. I attribute my progress to the efforts of all my dedicated teachers.

During my time in China, I gradually understood the essence of "China Speed" — it is the result of passionate and responsible individuals working tirelessly in their respective roles, contributing to the nation's prosperity and development. I was touched by the spirit, which allowed me to make significant academic progress in a short period.

I aspire to promote the friendship between China and Pakistan and spread Chinese culture in Pakistan and beyond. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by China and the support of my teachers, and I aim to realize my potential and contribute to the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan.

The above content is provided by Yunnan University and only represents the author's views, not the stance of China Daily website.