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Nguyen Phi Long: Exploring Chinese rural areas

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By Nguyen Phi Long | | Updated: Jun 11, 2024

Nguyen Phi Long [Vietnam]

Yunnan University

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I grew up in a Vietnamese family where my parents always encouraged me to explore and challenge the unknown. That’s why I always dream of exploring a new world. In July 2020, I received an admission letter from Yunnan University (YNU), which is a precious opportunity for me to learn and communicate with students from all over the world.

I started my online study life as a YNU student in 2020, and I gained a deeper understanding of China, learned more about its rapid development and felt the hospitality of the Chinese people I met online.

I finally arrived at Kunming, China, in April 2023. I couldn’t wait to integrate into the local life and to experience the Chinese culture. I met students from all over the world at YNU. Despite our different cultural backgrounds, we all harbored longing for knowledge and expectations for the future. I introduced Vietnamese traditional dances, music and food to my Chinese classmates while they held cultural activities such as one on how to brew and appreciate various kinds of Chinese tea.

I had a lot of fun in my daily life in Yunnan. Yunnan delicacies, including the Crossing-bridge Rice Noodles and Yunnan Flower Cakes, made me rave with unstinting praise. On weekends, I would go to the local market with my friends, where the wide variety of goods and enthusiastic vendors made me feel the vigor and vitality of Chinese marketplace.

One of my most unforgettable memories was experiencing rural life in China. We embarked on a journey in Sept 2023 to remote mountainous areas in Yunnan province.

We visited an agricultural cooperative where we understood how the supportive policies and technological innovation help the farmers to enhance productivity and incomes. We saw many advanced agricultural technologies, such as drip irrigation systems and intelligent greenhouses.

We also visited local families and cooked, chatted and even worked in the fields with them. I practiced my spoken Chinese and gained insights into the daily lives of Chinese farmers and knew their expectations for the future. I was moved by their diligence and optimism, as well as their deep attachment to the land.

I saw the efforts made by the Chinese government in promoting social equality and balancing the development of different regions, and I also felt Chinese people's unremitting pursuit of a better life.

I would like to express my gratitude to Yunnan University for offering me a valuable opportunity to experience the culture and life in China. I believe that the relationship between China and Vietnam will become closer and the friendship between the people will grow deeper through more exchanges and co-operation.

The above content is provided by Yunnan University and only represents the author's views, not the stance of China Daily website.