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American students praise China's unique charm during study tour

facebook twitter linkedin | Updated: Jun 12, 2024

"I love China!" exclaimed a student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania as the "Discover China" tour was coming to an end.

In late May 2024, a group of 15 faculty members and students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania embarked on a two-week study tour and exchange program in Beijing and Hangzhou. The journey, filled with joy and cultural immersion, included visiting pandas, enjoying hotpot, exploring the Forbidden City and hiking along the Great Wall.

These activities gave students a close-up look at China. Kellen McDaniel, a tall and fitness-loving American student, said, "Hangzhou is like paradise, and the Great Wall has captivated me with China's rich history."

Visiting Chinese tech companies amazed the students, showcasing China's innovation and vitality in the technology sector. On the streets, the students experienced the warmth and hospitality of the Chinese people, making them feel at home. Elizabeth Ashe mentioned that she not only made new friends but also found common ground in the cultural exchange.

"We are told a lot in the US that the government in China filters all the information. But now when I'm here I realize China is different from what America is saying," said Shalee Bennett. This trip shattered their stereotypes about China, revealing a vibrant, open and free country.

Click on the video to watch the unforgettable China journey of American youth.