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Yunnan gets its first international talent community

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The Wenlin International Talent Community, located in Wuhua district of Kunming, Yunnan province, has been established recently. It marks the first operational international talent community in Yunnan, facilitating Kunming's goal of becoming a regional talent hub.

The Wenlin community is home to several universities, international students, expatriate teachers and workers. The establishment of the international community at Wenlin is to provide a "15-minute convenient service circle" for foreign residents.

The community has established a one-stop service center offering six major services, including residence permits, work permits for foreigners, and driver's license applications.

Additionally, it features a cultural exchange center with courses in Chinese language, opera, and intangible cultural heritage. The medical convenience center provides easy communication, basic treatment, and referral services. Experienced staffs are on-site to assist international talents with their everyday needs such as the opening of a bank account and SIM card applications, as well as providing language support and facilitating service transfers between centers.

The community has developed the mini-program which offers bilingual services in Chinese and English, covering 12 modules including life services, local information, and the guidance of local laws and regulations. It integrates features such as cutting-edge policy consultation, digital life services, convenient government services, and intelligent online customer service.