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International students visit excellent industrial enterprises in Heilongjiang

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Sponsored by the China Scholarship Council and Harbin Engineering University, the activity "Experiencing China—Visiting Industries in Heilongjiang Province" was held from July 22 to 23.

More than 50 students from over 20 countries visited large-scale state-owned enterprises in Heilongjiang province, such as Harbin Electric Corporation Co., Ltd., Harbin Turbine Co., Ltd. and CRRC Qiqihar Co., Ltd. to learn about the province's industrial strength.

The "Experiencing China—Visiting Industries in Heilongjiang Province" activity is held in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province from July 22 to 23.

Through this activity, international students gained a comprehensive understanding of Heilongjiang's industry development in the new era, and experienced China's strong technological innovation at first-hand so as to obtain a more realistic, comprehensive and three-dimensional understanding of China.

The students learned about the production process of electric motor leaf surfaces, the processing of raw materials and final assembly quality inspection, as well as learned about the development history and blueprint of the factory.

International students listen to the history of Wang Jinxi, known as "Iron Man", a model oilfield worker who devoted his life to the development of the petroleum industry, in his memorial hall.

The students said they would cherish their time studying in China, adding that they would tell their experiences in China when they are back in their home countries.

"Through this activity, I saw the strength and status of Chinese industry. I am looking forward to seeing more of China and learning more about its culture, so that I can tell foreigners more about the real China," said a doctoral student from Syria.

"As an international student majoring in nuclear engineering, I was very excited to get up close to the nuclear equipment," said a student from Ghana. "At the same time, the 'iron man spirit' struck me. The hard work of the Chinese people is opening up a bright future for them. Come on, China! We are all looking forward to your future!"